Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fresh prawns

One thing you need to deal with living in the country is the lack of fresh seafood. If you are a seafood lover, don't even think about moving to the country as the nearest coastline from here is 320 kms away. My lifesaver is someone whom I call the Seafood man. He arrives in sydney from his truck every Thursday at noon and does the local area, staying in each town for a few hours at a time. He has the best prawns ! However, I do miss freshly shucked oysters, balmain bugs etc. He has a little whiteboard of the stock he is carrying for the day and you just pick from that. Thankfully the fish is varied. I have had hopes that fish can taste as different as pork, beef, chicken etc. but so far I can't tell the difference between ling, bream and hake. Salmon and tuna are a whole different story though. Most of the time, fish is fish to me.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Country opening hours

hmm country opening hours is something I yet have to get used to (even after 3 years and one month of living here) We tried to get spome spectacles repaired at the optometrist today and they aren't open on saturday or sunday and they have exactly the same opening hours as the dental surgery I work at including the lunch hour!!! How on earth do working people get stuff done !! I have tried to tell my boss that we need to open on Saturdays but he needs to spend time with his family too and feels that even If I provide the service on Saturday, he will be obliged to carry on even if I leave.

It looks like a ghost town here on Sundays and on Saturdays after noon. I wonder what is so appealling about doing housework ... speaking of which I guess I should get some done ... or maybe I should drive 100 kms to a bigger town and see about those spectacles.

My very first Blog !!!

hmm I am a blog virgin ... I have no idea what I am doing but people tell me this should feel good at the end of it. Well I guess here goes ....

*woosh woosh*

Thats the sound of me taking a stab in the dark.

Anyway, I started this as my own personal soapbox as I have spent the last 12 years being confused, especially about where I truly belong and where I call home. I hope that others might read my adventures or thoughts and hopefully find some kindred spirits out there.