Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where in the world is Rachel?

Haven't posted in more than a month due to the fact that we are moving ... not just within the same town, or state or even country ... but back to the country of my birth. The house is shambles, we are sleeping on the floor and yet there is still heaps of packing and cleaning to be done.

Flying off on the 6th but due to work pressures, am working up until the 31st!! Country dentistry around christmas time is extremely busy. Have been taking a few pics so hopefully can do a Bathurst post of the town and food before I fly out but not sure how it will go.

One thing though is that the blog won't be right with the same URL so have been toying with a few other names such as islandfillings, seachangefillings, urbanfillings to name a few. Any other suggestions?

Anyway off to packing again. Hope to write again before the new year but if not, hope one and all have a wonderful New Year!