Monday, January 26, 2009

My first Chinese New Year in 15? Years

Well I will be wrapping up this blog with a few more shots which were taken in Australia but never posted due to the mammoth task of moving overseas. Be pre-warned it is not for the faint hearted or the light in pocket. But Richard and I have already moved and are here nicely cooking away in the humidity.

Today is the first day of the lunar new year, my first here in Singapore in about 15 years. Still haven't quite gotten back into the swing of things as I used to love it even way more than Christmas. Mostly due to the fact that I could see all my relatives and visit their homes. My cousins would show me what was new and cool with them and of course you get a much fatter piggy bank from all the traditional gifts of money in red packets. And not to forget the food!

Anyway, hope one and all have a wonderful Chinese New Year of the Ox with lots of yummy goodness. May your larders always be full and may you be blessed and successful in your every endeavour.