Friday, June 03, 2005

my dog enjoying a drive in the countryside Posted by Hello


Country time is very interesting. It seems to run about 15 minutes earlier than city time. 80% of patients arrive about 15 minuts early. And because practitioners are always stuck in a time zone 15 minutes later than the local time zone, we always feel extremely bad because at this time, the patient has waited half an hour. It does not matter how many times you may have tried this exercise on them before, they still arrive early !

Another interesting thing is that most country folk seem to assume you have nothing on. Many a time we have received a call regarding meetings or received an invitation about half an hour before the event. In the city most people assume you are booked out months in advance and try to arrange things as early as possible or you would probably have no one turn up to your party.

Anyway life here is pretty good. After a long days work, you just want to sit in front of the telly with a nice glass of wine and you can do that in most parts of Australia. Speaking of wine, I found a really nice budget(read cheap grog) lambrusco by Berri wines which really goes down a treat.If you like a wine that is fruity and mellow, not as sweet as a desssert wine but not dry like most reds, give this one a go. It retails for about 15 dollars from the Woolworths liquor shop. If you don't live in Australia and you are reading this, your sadly missing out!