Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I received a letter addressed to me yesterday from a Sydney radiology centre. The most interesting things was that first of all it came to my home and not my workplace. Second of all, it was addressed to Me, Binni Creek Road, Cowra 2794. Let me point out two things. That address had no number on it, and I don't even live on Binni creek road!! I live on a small cul de sac off binni creek road. Yet somehow, the letter got to me.

I guess this points out the fact that the local post office knows where each and every one of the 10000 people in the shire live. I guess they know me by my first and last name as well.

The interesting thing about country addresses is that many a time, especially if they are on a property, houses don't have streets.(eg. Miss X, "meadowlea", Cowra 2794) Sometimes if they are on streets, they don't have numbers. (eg.Mr Y, Fitzroy lane, Cowra 2794)Because they might only be one of 2 on that street, or the only one on that street. A lot of my patients have a chuckle at city people who ask their addresses or people from the phone companies. They get frustrated that the house doesn't have a number and country folk end up telling them to put any damn number they like. eg 69/13/1/100 Fitzroy Lane Cowra :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

back from vacation

Ahh its been a little more than a month since getting back from our 3 week holiday in Canada and the US. Am contemplating doing a diary thingy on here with photos and all... but lack motivation at the moment! Its too cold to think here at the moment still and all you want to do is snuggle in front of the TV when you get home from work. Its interesting how quickly the holiday feel ends, followed by holiday blues, then back to the routine of daily life. Its as if you never left. *sigh*

Cooking Singapore food this weekend for some friends. Its hard to get most ingredients here and sometimes you just have to compromise! We might do an eatstuff/rusticfillings crossover .... although I have no idea how clare is able to put so much effort into those photos and stuff :)