Saturday, February 12, 2005

Country opening hours

hmm country opening hours is something I yet have to get used to (even after 3 years and one month of living here) We tried to get spome spectacles repaired at the optometrist today and they aren't open on saturday or sunday and they have exactly the same opening hours as the dental surgery I work at including the lunch hour!!! How on earth do working people get stuff done !! I have tried to tell my boss that we need to open on Saturdays but he needs to spend time with his family too and feels that even If I provide the service on Saturday, he will be obliged to carry on even if I leave.

It looks like a ghost town here on Sundays and on Saturdays after noon. I wonder what is so appealling about doing housework ... speaking of which I guess I should get some done ... or maybe I should drive 100 kms to a bigger town and see about those spectacles.


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