Monday, November 14, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Hmm haven't posted for a while but my life has been mostly around books and facts and boring stuff. Well except for the fact that we might be moving 106 kms closer to banh mi next year. In a strange twist of events since my last post, I came across an ad in the dental magazine for a IV sedation course starting in Sydney next year. ( no this is not the end of rustic fillings, calm down!)I have always been interested in that side of dentistry, putting people to sleep, yup thats me! :D

So anyway, I apply for it and at the same time (almost it seemed like) I got job offers from about 3 dentists in Bathurst, which is the town Richard is working in that he has to drive an hour and a quarter to and from each day. We had an offer earlier this year which was later retracted as they decided not to expand their practice. At that time, it was really depressing as our plan B was that Richard stay in Bathurst during the week. I was really sad about the whole thing. I shared about it with Jo at Truly Thankful who encouraged me to pray decisively about things and look what happened!? It was really truly amazing looking back at it.

Anyway, I prayed that if I got accepted into the course that we would move to Bathurst as it is only part time and it would be easier to travel to and from Sydney. I have not been formally accepted yet but it looks like things are moving in that direction so wow Thank you God !! Even if I'm not, more doors than I could want have been opened out of the blue for me and I still have the choice to move now instead of feeling like we were stuck in plan B. Mind you, I love my current employers to bits but its a time where I feel that I need to put my husband first. After all, he did move all the way out here for me.

Well, I will be away in Singapore for a wedding and Sydney for exams in the next 3 weeks. Hopefully will have photos and stuff and definite news on whether it will be (slightly less) rustic fillings to be on for 2006. Bathurst is where the car races in Australia are held and its also a larger country town of population 35000. Sooo what will the verdict be?