Monday, August 11, 2008

Flat out ...

*Sigh* been so busy lately that i feel the days are going by like lightning. I love spending time with friends both here in Bathurst and in Sydney but work has also been getting busier. Hence, I get home later and my whole day gets thrown out more. Been also getting to know more Bathurst people so we tend to do stuff in the evenings or on weekends, leaving less time for housework and other neccessary but boring stuff. I have still yet to unpack and sort out some cartons from our move last April!

Its odd that twice now I have noticed that patient base seems to pick up just after the two year mark. It must take that amount of time for word to get around and for people to decide they need to see a dentist again and since they survived the last visit, they probably could bear to see you again.

I know our last move was neccessary for Richard to not have to drive 1000 kms a week and be zombie-fied every night. However, since I left Cowra, there has been no one taking up the position at my old surgery. This is sad as most dentists are unwilling to work in the country. Most city folk don't even know something exists over the Blue Mountains! Hence, the waiting list in Cowra to see my old employers is about a month long, even with him working until 7 pm or later most nights!

As a result, some of my old Cowra regulars make the 100 km trip to come and see me! Also some other people in desperate toothaches as well. Its a fair drive just to see a health care professional. Hopefully someone will take up the position soon.

Just as we were getting comfortable, the wheels may be in motion for rusticfillings to not be so rustic in 2009. Its not concrete yet but we had talked about it over the years and there is probably going to be another move at the end of this year. More details as time goes on ...

Anyway, hopefully will get to post more on assorted stuff soon. Meanwhile, put two pics of my most favourite dog in the world up as I haven't done so in a while :)