Saturday, October 15, 2005

When Country Girls Go Out

Note: Aussie Slang has been used liberally in this post.Idea borrowed from Kirk you can check meanings of words at the Aussie Slang Dictionary

My Cowra born and bred friend V turned 31 today so last night 4 of us sheilas went for a girls night out! We started out with dinner in one of the bistros (named Dek) also attached to the pub/motel. Most of the restaurants in country towns are of this style as I believe rent is a bit cheaper and it encourages people staying at the motel to eat there.

The tucker was a bit mediocre so I shan't really comment much on it except that the hokkien noodle chook stir fry (here in oz the modern thing is to have one or two asian style dishes in a cafe menu) looked like it could have been made better at home. This was ordered by Deb and G. and V and I ordered the "tempura" prawn salad. They were generous with the prawns but it was more of in a beer batter than fair dinkum tempura batter. The desserts were confessed Sara Lee frozen ones. Or as Deb commented "Aunty Sara visited and brought something

We had a few drinks while there and I had a banana colada (pina colada with banana liquer) as well as an old fave the screw driver. We stayed there until about 10 pm when most people had left just sitting on the lounges and chatting but V was champing at the bit to go somewhere else so we went to the Townhouse (known as the "Townie") G. decided to bail and go home as she is the ministers wife and the pub crawl thing wasn't her style. A band was in full swing when we stepped in as well as an eclectic mix of people ranging from the waitresses who had just served us at Dek, to the barely legal 18s, to a couple of farmers and grand-father types in their boots and flanelette shirts.

We sat in a booth and ordered a few more drinks and it wasn't long before a bloke who looked like he was 105 and obviously sloshed came over and drawled, "how yous girrrls doing tonight?" He rubbed debs back who was inching into me trying to get away from him and was almost sitting on my lap. "whould yous like me to shout you a round?" he slurred. We insisted we were fine and still had drinks in front of us. He then moved over to V and started rubbing her back so Deb decided to just tell him something so he would move away from us and in the direction of the bar. She asked for a baileys on ice and a cowboy shot for V. I still had a full glass of champagne so I said i was fine. He stumbled away and we were torn between running away and losing our comfortable seats and staying there and awaiting his grubby paws when he returned. He staggered back and put our drinks on the table but we were saved by the bell as his friend arrived and distracted him and he left us alone after that. I told Deb that I would've given her a pash if he had started to do anything anyway :P

We decided to check out the pub across the road (The Imperial) and went there at about 11:30 pm. There was also a live band there doing covers and people were dancing away. There were more older sheilas there in their 40s and 50s and I found it interesting that they were all wearing very low cut tops. I mused to myself that the blokes from the other pub didn't come across the road to pick up the women over here. I decided this must be where singles met in Cowra as there were a few people just hanging out and chatting. I recognised one of the nurses husbands as well as a few patients. We also had a few drinks here and by this time I was feeling pretty good :) Deb was a bit tired though so I called Richard (who took a million years to get down the main st, a cooee from our place) we walked down the street telling each other jokes that would only be funny after anyones had a few and of course singing on the top of our voices. A couple of other groups walked by but the only way to avoid attention by drunk people is to act *even more* pissed than them.

Well we had a ripper of a night and I guess when in the company of good friends, you can have fun even in the middle of woop woop. Camera was forgotten but I'll try and take pictures for 'ron (later on)


At 3:54 AM, Blogger KirkK said...

Oh my....I think I need to get to the Bottle Shop for coldie or twelve, and get good and rotten...before I can understand this beaut of a post....
Great post, loved it!

At 9:30 PM, Blogger Clare Eats said...

Ah kirk your aussieism aren't quite right yet ;) LOL

Cripes, Betta go down the bottlo for a coupla cold longnecks, so I'll be off me chops enough to understand this internet post thingo'


Can't wait til you live in Syd so WE can go do that ;)

At 5:51 AM, Blogger KirkK said...

Rachel - I didn't see chiisai chimpo anywhere!

At 2:05 AM, Blogger milgwimper said...

You know I was going to comment on this post awhile ago when Rachel first posted it, but I could not bring myself to post. The resong being was the only response I had was LOL, because that is was I was doing, and my brain wasn't getting enough oxygen enough to post anything else. Now that I had some time to think about it here is my post.


I am glad you had some fun with the girls. ;P


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