Monday, January 09, 2006

Tidbits from around the world

Here is a collection of international goodies I recently acquired on my trip to Sydney. On the left, is more of the naeng-myun which I recently discovered the wonders of. The guy at the korean supermarket I went to was extremely helpful. I guess I was walking around with a slightly dazed expression. He explained that this was what they referred to as the summer noodle as it was eaten after rinsing with cold water thus it was eaten cold. He told me that this particular brand was from a popular province in north korea. I am keen to find out if it is similar to the one I had before which I felt was extremely good. I followed the pictures at the back of the packet. (Thank God for pictures!) Below the naeng-myun is a chocolate pie. Or rather it was something like what we called choco-pies in Singapore. It had a layer of blueberry jam in the middle, has chocolate casing and is as light as air on the inside, yet a bit cakey rather than biscuity. It was quite yummy although a bit sweet and much lighter than the pies I used to have growing up.

In the middle is stuff bought from Ikea in Rhodes. It has a little grocery store area after you get out of the checkouts full of Swedish goodies. At the top is some crispbread, quite different to any other I've had because its actually in a half bun shape like someone cut a mini bread roll in half and toasted it to a crisp. It has some major crunch to it and is *really* wholemeal and has little grains in it too.
This is a photo of it closer up and I spread the 2 pastes I got from the cold section. I skipped the herring as I find it a bit too salty. The paste on the right is a smoked cod roe paste. I put it with the cucumber on the toastie and it tasted really smoky and creamy all at once. Like a rich caviar mousse. The paste on the left was labelled crab paste however, on closer look at the ingredients, one finds roe also high up amongst the list. There was some crab flavour but also if you look closely, three are green specks of dill. It was pleasant and less fishy tasting than the cod roe.

The green packet contains macaroni that is meant for soup. Yes macaroni soup is a common dish in Singapore and Hong Kong. its a comfort food mostly and warming and easy on the stomach if your not feeling the best. I found that this brand, Nissin, which makes excellent cup noodles and instant noodles also takes the cake in this instant macaroni.

The last lil packet was an old fave of mine. We bought huge bags of these back from the US and I usually get some in Singapore to tide me over snack attacks. However! Target Aust has just started importing them. I really hope people like them and they stay!! Could this be a good beginning to the free trade agreement? Alot of people feel that Aust has more to lose out if US stock flood the market. I agree if it involves fresh stuff and the prices are lower than what the farmers here can afford to sell at. However, I am all for new products on the shelves. The supermarkets here have a whole aisle of breakfast cereal, BUT! there are about 5 different brands of cocoa pop type creal, 5 different brands of rice bubbles, 3 different brands of wheat-bix etc. Either the companies are too lazy to come up with something innovative or they are too scared to try making new products. Either way, I hope that we get to see lots of different ingredients and spices and sauces.

Anyway, this was meant to be a short post! Hope I can see what people think on the comments.


At 3:44 AM, Blogger KirkK said...

Hi Rachel - That's quite a diversified "spread" of goodies! Thanks for the background on NaengMyun, I didn't know that.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Clare Eats said...

Loos like you had fun on your last trip.... I wish we had of gotten to go shopping together.... oh well

I love tarmasalata mmmm

At 1:29 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

Hi kirk!!
Will do a post of this brand of noodles and maybe you can find it over there if its good :)

Hey clare,
yeah we missed you guys too... but I guess you couldn't tell from the no of sms we sent you :)
Whats tarmasalata??

At 3:50 PM, Blogger milgwimper said...


What an awesome haul! You are correct about the mool nengmyun it is only eaten during the summer time, but I still like to eat it during the winter. North Korean nengmyun is very famous, and people say North Korean mool neng myun is the best. I have never eaten that brand, and therefore I cannot give you any input.

The normal choco pies are as you decribe them light and not too sweet. I have seen this brand but never bought it, hmmm if it is a bit too sweet I don't know if I should try them.

Oh lets not get started on Ikea food... ;P LOL I can talk fer hours. I havent tried of the tube things yet, but I just might.

The Snyders pretzels are pretty addictive. :) I know what to send you! ;P LOL

At 6:52 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

hey milly! LOL actually when I was doing this post I thought about you since I had some korean _and_ some scandinavian foods in there :D
Which part of scandinavia is the other side of your family from?? hehe it would be so fun if all of us girls went to ikea together. I didn't eat from their cafe although my sister told me their meatballs are very good. hehe I guess thats natural since it is swedish.

At 7:19 AM, Blogger milgwimper said...


Oh! it would be so dangerous if we all went to Ikea together! LOL Not to mention ruining the pocketbook. Oh you will have to try eating at the restuarant/cafe. The meatballs with lingonberry sauce is really good. Don't get their swedish pancakes they are nasty. Well the ones they make here taste so very bad. I have to stay away from the little food shop at Ikea because it is so easy to spend the money. I love the vanilla sugar, lingonberry sauce, and the low salt potato chips (which I do not buy because it is terribly dangerous), and too many other things to list.

My grandmothers side is Norwegian and Swedish, and my granfather side is Swedish. So, would that make me 1/2 Korean, and 1/8 Norwegian and 7/8 Swedish? Oh whatever I am totoally mixed. Swedish, Norwegian, and Korean food were regularaly on the table especially if visiting the relatives in the U.S.. :) The norwegian and swedish side looked a little aghast at the spices of Korean food, but boy do all of them love their sea food! LOL

At 7:33 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Wow Milly !!! Family gatherings would be so fun and yummy. You are a lucky girl indeed. Yes having previously dated a Dane, I can agree with you that they tend to avoid very spicy food but yeah its all out for young and old if there is a seafood buffet involved :)

I think your math is totally correct about the type of genes flowing in your veins :) I recently read an article about how DNA can be tested to show if you actually have other origins in your blood. Eg the "pure chinese" journalist who wrote the article got her DNA tested and she was found to belong to haplogroupH which half of Europe belongs to! you can check out more at hehe I only put this in because I know your slightly geeky like me and would be interested in it :)

At 7:15 PM, Blogger milgwimper said...


That is so very cool! I would love to know what other types of gene "pools" I belong. It is so facinating. I remember in junior high my Spainish teacher taliing about genes and relations, and "counting" backwards (ie two parents who had two parents each plus those parents having two parents each..etc) and realizing it ends up being a lot of people are related to each other. ( I don't know why that jumped out at me and not all the genetic classes I took!) :) I love talking to a bio geek. So nice when I am stuck in a computer geek area. :)

LOL Yeah some Korean would be shocked to know that they are related to the Dutch. Now wouldn't it be strange for them to know they weren't "pure" Korean. LOL We have a poster in the library at San Jose State that shows a genetics map of populations and what percentage they are related to each other. It is quite amazing.


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