Tuesday, September 27, 2005

2nd Anniversary !!

Well before I begin this post, some acknowledgements are in order.. *ahem* First I would like to thank Clare who spurred me on to blog more, but especially celebrating this weekend of mine and Richard's second wedding anniversary. I would like to let her know that it was not forgotten how she helped the boys picked their suits. ( Casey was Richard's groomsman) and how she helped make an entertaining and memorable hens night (ended with casey in hospital with a ear infection) lol but alls well that ends well and here we are 2 years later !

It was Richard's idea that we take turns to surprise each other with anniversary plans... so this year it was my turn and after racking my brains for a few months, I decided that what would be more romantic than wearing sexy mechanics overalls and crawling around in in a dusty cave and sliding around rocks on our bums for a few hours?

It was my first time caving and the experience was realy great. I loved it much more than rock climbing as it didn't feel as scary. There was a short abseil down into the cave and then lots of wriggling and sliding. More info on www.jenolancaves.org.au After 2 hours we checked into the only hotel at Jenolan Caves, Caves House. www.jenolancaves.com IMHO, it was pricey but as it was the only hotel for an hours drive, they had the monopoly. The rooms were average and had no TV. I guess because there is no reception in the area but it probably encourages more romantic activities.

Our package included dinner which was a decent 3 course meal. It was trying to be modern Australian but the taste and quality was average. My entree which was potato pancakes with smoked salmon and horseradish cream turned up with pancakes the size of a 20 cent coin. It was yummy though. Richard had the fetta tart with caramelised onion and rocket and pear salad. I couldnt taste the onion in it at all ! My main was the yuletide turkey and ham with baked vegetables in a cranberry jus. The turkey was juicy and done really well however the potato left much to be desired. Richard's salmon was bordering on being overdone but the chef saved it in the nick of time. It was flavourful though and all produce was fresh. Breakfast was your standard country breakfast with sausages, bacon, hotel powdered scrambled eggs, baked beans and mushrooms.

We then enjoyed a leisurely drive home in the countryside.

arrgh tried to put pics up to go with this post but spent 2 hours !!! and no sucess. might have to use Hello another day as it is down at the moment :(


At 4:05 AM, Blogger milgwimper said...

CONGRATULATIONS RACHEL AND RICHARD!!! I hope you have many more happy years together than anyone can count! That seemed like a really interesting time to spend the anniversary. WOW :)

At 9:05 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Hi milly thank you for checking back on my little blog again ! Its very encouraging. btw ... been trying to access yours since yesterday but no success :~(
How long have you and your hubby been married?

At 5:04 AM, Blogger milgwimper said...

DH and I have been married for 4 years. We were married in 2001.

Having problems seeing my blog. Hmmm I will have to bug DH about it. *sigh* the problem with having your own server is that you have to constantly put work into it! Ahh well thanks for the notification!


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