Saturday, April 30, 2005

Freezing cold / boiling hot

Well one of the things I will never get used to in the country is the sudden weather changes. It was about 28 degrees celcius on Thursday (28th april) and today the max was 20 !! I haven't written in a while, I guess because not much changes here in a small country town. My friend Clare, author of the Eat Stuff blog bugged me to keep writing regularly so here I am again.

I am still a bit shell shocked as I was back in Singapore last week. Imagine going from a bustling metropolis where everything is so high tech that you can use a magnetic wave bus/train pass even to buy coffee at Starbucks and burgers at Mc Donalds amongst other things. To a sleepy country town where only the supermarket is open on sundays.

I guess I should comment on the local cuisine. The pub grub here is awesome !!! I am not just talking about bangers and mash or fish and chips but they have full on well presented, big, good quality meals. I will take a few pics the next time I'm at one of them. All of them are great value for money. They also have more cafes than you can poke a stick at, most close at 5 pm though, so I don't go to them often.

When it comes to multicultural cuisine though, this town falls flat on its face. We have 3 chinese restaurants but they mostly serve Australian chinese meals. Being just back from singapore (who everyone knows is food heaven) I feel a little crestfallen. Oh well, looking forward to Sydney next weekend with all you can eat yum cha! Cheers.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger Clare Eats said...

that is a great post!
I can't wait for Yum Cha either :)


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